Week 3 Class notes F’14 – Definitions

Posted: September 16, 2014 in Class notes

This week’s goals were to define and classify terms related to social media.

We first became familiar with the “classic” pieces people cite when defining Web 2.0, SNS, and Enterprise 2.0.

We discussed definitions of the following:

  • memex
  • hypertext
  • Internet
  • World Wide Web
  • Web 2.0
  • social media
  • SNS
  • Enterprise 2.0

The classification resulted in 3 concentric circles as shown in the graphic created by one of your colleagues:

For follow-up, I would ask: Where do you place Enterprise 2.0? How about blogs?

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  1. joygreenleaf says:

    Not sure I am right, but I feel that blog is a form of social media (so it is Web 2.0), but not strictly an SNS (because you don’t need to have a connection in order to see someone’s blog). Reply to me if you feel I am not right.

  2. I agree with Joy, that blogs are social media but not necessarily SNS. Though you could certainly use blogs as a way of networking and connecting with others, it is not a central characteristics. There are many blogs that I read where I do not participate in any social activities or networking.