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This assignment is available on Blackboard, and that’s where you submit it. Please ask questions about the assignment in the comments below.

Research Plan

Draft due Oct . 6; Finalized version due Oct. 27

By answering the questions below, you create a plan for your class research project. Please answer the first 3 questions in detail by Oct. 6.

Draft answers to the other questions, but you don’t have to finalize them until Oct. 27. Please answer in italics the parts that you are really not sure about.

Research goals – intellectual and practical

What do you hope to accomplish with this research? Please explain it to me in detail. What difference will your research make for theory and/or practice?

Personal goals

How does this research project align with your long-term life and career goals? How is this research project a step towards your thesis, dissertation, a publication, your dream job, etc.?

Research question(s)

List your RQ(s) here. Please make sure they are specific (particularistic). As we discussed in class.


What are the main concepts and possibly theories that define your perspective on this topic? For example, are you looking to increase profits, examine strategy, decision making, risk taking, etc.? These are all concepts that are linked to theories and theoretical perspectives. Please explain to me what your angle, or point of view, is.

Data Collection Methods

What are the concepts that you hope to capture or measure with your data? E.G.: influence of A on B. Define A and B for me (e.g. self-esteem, risky behavior, cultural values, satisfaction with life, etc.).

How can you operationalize and actually assess or tap into each one of the concepts that you want to capture? Is there a scale for self-esteem that you can use? Do you need to create one? What are the research instruments that you need? If they are available, include them here. If not, draft them here.

How do you plan to collect data for this class project? Will you use interviews, surveys, collect tweets, etc. Why is this method the most appropriate for your research purpose?

Please describe the exact procedures you will use, including details about how you will record and store the data.


What sampling strategy will you use? Why did you choose this sampling strategy? If your sampling strategy is not the ideal one, what would be an ideal sampling strategy for this research?

If you are using social media content: please include some information to let me know that you are able to find sufficient and relevant data. Try out your search strategy and see what you find. Fine-tune it so you find what you need.

Data Analysis

How will you analyze the data you collect? What data analysis methods will you employ?.

Other notes you wish to make:


Questions for Dr. V:




(Please insert rows as needed to share with me the steps you plan to take to complete the project.)


Activity Completion Date
Finalized research plan Oct 27 (P/F)
Literature review part of the paper Nov 10 (5 points)
Final project draft Dec 8 (5 points)
Final project presentation Dec 8 (P/F)
Final project Dec 15 (15 points)





Grading criteria:

The research plan is graded only as Pass/Fail. You cannot proceed with your final paper unless you have an Pass for your research plan. Even if you proceed, your paper will not count for a course grade.

I expect to see that you have thought everything through to the best of your abilities. Know what you plan to do and why. The more detailed and specific the plan, the better it will be. Think of it as a recipe for your research. Make it sufficiently detailed so that if you get run over by a bus, someone else can conduct exactly the same research by following the steps you outlined here.

This is not easy, and it requires a bit of research to refine your topic and your research question, and a bit of learning of new research methods. Do remember I can help, so consult with me.

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    I see it. Thank you!