Week 8 Class notes: Crowdsourcing

Posted: October 30, 2014 in Class notes
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We began class by clarifying the differences among: Wisdom of Crowds, Crowdsourcing, Open sourcing, and Collective Intelligence.

We then took sides and represented the pros and cons of crowdsourcing for workers and requestors. I would like to crowdsource this blog post, so please post in the comments the links to your small presentation, and the main argument that you think represents the point of view you worked on.

  1. DMCrim says:

    The Three Black Cats looked at the pro’s of crowdsourcing from the point of view of a requestor. We also looked at an ethical way to crowd source as a requestor. Overall, we thought that requestors should provided appropriate pay to workers, allow for the possibility for permanent work positions and looked at website for crowdsourcing such as Mechanical Turk. My teammate will have to upload our slide, because we created the slideshow on her computer! Everyone did a great job presenting their point of views! It was impressive how much information was provided after just an hour of preparation time!

    • esidnam says:

      Thanks for the recap of our presentation! I’ll also add that we thought requestors could receive several benefits from crowdsourcing. For example, crowdsourcing can help requestors save time and money and help them find potential new hires. Here is the link to the slides from our full presentation: http://bit.ly/1qml7aR

  2. farmadita says:

    Thanks for the recap! This helps me catch up!