Week 12 class plan

Posted: November 18, 2014 in Announcements

On November 24, you will  give presentations about the “dark side” of social media and all of the things we have discussed in class so far. The presentations will all be online, we will not be in class. I will send a link to an online conference by email.

Make sure you have a strong Internet connection and a headset with microphone for the Web conference.

Please use online communication tools to organize the presentations. Please do not rush to a decision like last time. Begin by brainstorming topics, then ranking them, then selecting what you want to do. Feel free to use any tools: Twitter, Google Docs, etc.

Keep the presentations informative but also entertaining. Do mention your sources and do educate us about something we don’t already know. But, you do not need to work on this presentation as much as you would on the final paper.

Please ask questions about the presentations in the comments below, or use them as you wish to organize and coordinate.


Here are my expectations of a GOOD presentation. A good presentation…

  • is clear and well organized. Has a clear main point and take-away that comes through clearly
  • communicates to the audience how it is organized
  • is informative and maybe even entertaining; it addresses the topic in some depth.
  • is well-informed by a variety of sources, not all scholarly sources.
  • establishes and maintains credibility by stating the sources of the information presented, throughout the presentation
  • uses carefully prepared slides, not a collection of bullet points
  • has smooth transitions between topics and speakers
  • is delivered clearly and fluently
  • is delivered within established time limits

It is up to the group to decide how many presentation to give, and whether to make them team or individual. It is up to the group to divide the available time among presentations. The presentations need not all be the same length, but they do need to fit in the 6-9 time slot. Allow time for two 10 minute breaks, some buffer for technical difficulties (15 min), and time for questions and discussion.


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