Week 13 class plan

Posted: November 18, 2014 in Announcements

December 1 is entirely up to you. We can do anything you want. If you wish, please begin a discussion in the comments below or on twitter.

  1. Kellin T. says:

    I really liked the blogfest last week. 🙂 That’s my suggestion — find more articles and present them via blogs. Although, this time, maybe we can do articles in our area of research… I noticed last time that there were several questions raised in the comments about the field of research where we found our articles, and the answers were usually “I don’t know – it’s not what I typically study.” But if we present research in our field of study, then we can better answer questions about our articles. I think this would also provide a good opportunity to learn about each other’s field of research. 🙂

    My other suggestion would be to use the time to work on our final projects — maybe blog/tweet about them and ask for help if we need it? Actually, I think I like this idea better…

  2. DMCrim says:

    I like Kellin’s ideas! My suggestion would be that we work on our papers outside of class but also blog a reflection on how our papers are coming, any parts we are really excited about or possibly struggling with.