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Final paper presentations

Posted: December 1, 2014 in Assignments

First, make sure to read the instructions for the paper draft and peer feedback that I posted on Blackboard.

This blog post has information about presenting your paper to the class on December 8.

You have only 8 minutes to present your paper. Please practice and time your presentation. 8 minutes is a VERY short time.

Your presentation should include the following:

  1. Research goal: what did you set out to do? (30 seconds)
  2. Methods: what did you do? (1.5 minutes)
  3. Results: what did you find out? (5 minutes)
  4. So, what?!: why do the findings matter, and to whom? (1 minute)

No need to provide an overview since all presentations will follow the same format. We should have a few minutes for Q&A after each session of 4 papers.

Please upload your slides to the classroom computer as soon as you get to class. I am organizing the papers thematically so each session has some coherence. Here are the initials of people in each group:

1 – JM, HMK, RW, FA

2 – JS, ZZ, JM, LI

3 – DC, KT, ES, JW

Please ask any questions about these assignments (draft, peer feedback, presentation) in the comments below.