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Below are the slides that outline the contents of your final paper. I have updated them to match what we discussed in class, and the dates are correct for Fall 2013.

Please post any general questions in the comments below and email me if you need help with your particular project.

Class notes: Week 2

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To Do for Week 3:

  1. Follow the TECH 621 Twitter list
  2. Set up your RSS feed reader (Google Reader) and subscribe to all classmates’ blogs. You can find the blogs in the blogroll. Read and comment.
  3. Work on preparing presentations for next class.

To Do for your blog:

  1. Look at classmates’ lists of 20 social media sites and
  2. Blog a classification of social media sites

Below are the slides my students used in their brief presentations of their final projects. They can give you some idea of what topics and questions they researched using Radian 6.

Here is a list of resources (how-to articles and tools) on making infographics. Via Kevin Dugan of the Bad Pitch Blog.

Blame it on jetlag: I can’t sleep, so I took some time to go over my unread RSS feed items. Here are some links from the previous week that you may find interesting:

Oh, and I have to post this one… even though it may not be directly related to usability, it’s got to be one of the more unique lost pet signs out there.

Midterm exam review

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Here are the main topics that will be covered on the midterm.

Please ask questions and post possible exam questions in the comments below.

Organizational theory approaches:

  • Taylorism
  • Bureaucracy (Weber)
  • Network theory
  • Complex systems/chaos (*)
  • Organizational culture

History & Definition

Web 2.0 O’Reilly – defining principles of Web 2.0

McAffee’s definition of Enterprise 2.0 – ESSPs

Adoption of innovations articles

UTAUT model

Can you discuss a couple of factors that influence the adoption of technology?

Social media for cooperation – social bookmarking; file sharing; network effect – importance of tagging & folksonomies(*)

Social media for communication and collaboration – collaboration framework, the role & importance of the elements.

I will use this post to collect all the links to your posts about major theoretical perspectives on organizations.

Let’s use the comments for each of the following blog posts to ask questions and clarifications, should we need them. I’m starting by writing a comment on each post that includes the most important concepts I’d like you to remember (for the exam) about each major theoretical perspective.

  • the definition of culture
  • how organizational culture is created & maintained
  • why organizational culture is important
  • factors to consider regarding the intersection of organizational culture and social media adoption

If you need any clarifications, please ask in the comments section below.

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