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Following class discussion, here is the plan for the remaining 5 weeks of class:

  1. April 5 – Internet culture. Please figure out the order and length of presentations, so that class flows well. Discuss on Jack’s blog. Presentations will be graded out of 4 points. Details below.
  2. April 12 – The Dark Side. This will be another crowd-sourced class. Use this Google Doc to plan it. Graded out of 3 points.
  3. April 19 – Wild cards. We’ll discuss interesting readings that didn’t fit in anywhere else in the class. Have a suggestion? Email it to me. The final project draft is due then.
  4. April 26 – Final project presentations. Graded out of 2 points, coming out of your final project points. Details in a separate post about your final project.

Grading criteria for presentations:

  • Presentation is informative and well-informed. It is based on research and sources (even if not scholarly), not purely on personal opinion and personal observation. It mentions and cites sources appropriately.
  • Presentation is thought-provoking. It raises questions and issues above the obvious and stimulates the audience to think about presentation topic.
  • Presentation is entertaining and pleasant. The use of visual aids,  and the presentation style are smooth, pleasant, and entertaining. Let’s not bore each other to death.  Perform a bit.

Questions? Please ask Dr. V in the comments below.


Snow Storm Plan

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Announcements
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We missed a class this week because of the bad snow storm, so we need to adjust a bit and catch up. Here is the plan for the next 2 weeks:

Feb. 8:
  • Guest Eric Dietz from C&IT will talk about research problems in the emergency response space, and invite you to work on research projects in that area, using Radian 6. Make sure you know what Radian 6 is and the basics about what it does.
  • We will discuss academic research. There are some fundamental definitions I’d like us to be aware of. As part of this discussion, you will also talk about your article reviews. You should have 2 article reviews completed by class time. See previous posts for more information.
Feb 15:
  • We will begin class with the Radian 6 demo, which was moved from Feb 1.
  • Then, we will proceed with the topics listed on the syllabus. The readings will be posted on Blackboard.

All other due dates and deadlines remain the same. If something is not working out, we will discuss in class.

Stay safe, and I will see you next week!