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Here is a spreadsheet which you can sort by name or date.

Please keep the spreadsheet up to date: Every time you post an Article Analysis, link from the date on the spreadsheet to the corresponding blog post.

I will not be able to keep updating the table below on my own.

First Name AA1 AA2 AA3 AA4
Brittany 9-Sep 23-Sep 7-Oct 21-Oct
Duskie 13-Sep 20-Sep 27-Sep 4-Oct
Hanjun 11-Sep 18-Sep 25-Sep 2-Oct
Innfarn 18-Nov 2-Oct 16-Oct 30-Oct
Marcus 10-Sep 17-Sep 1-Oct 5-Nov
Michael 20-Sep 7-Oct 21-Oct 4-Nov
Na-Ra 8-Sep 22-Sep 6-Oct 20-Nov
Becky 3-Sep 1-Oct 22-Oct 17-Nov
Sanghyung 15-Nov 29-Nov 13-Oct 27-Oct
Sarah 15-Sep 30-Sep 21-Oct 4-Nov
Stephen K. 16-Sep 7-Oct 21-Oct 11-Nov
Stephen W.
17-Sep 1-Oct 15-Oct 29-Oct
Vanessa 16-Sep 7-Oct 14-Oct 11-Nov
Bill 10-Sep 1-Oct 22-Oct 12-Nov

This post explains the requirements for you article analysis assignment.

You will choose, read, analyze, and blog about 4 academic journal articles in the areas of interface usability and/or human-computer interaction.

  1. Choose – I wrote a different blog post that will help you choose your 4 articles.
  2. Read – self explanatory, but if you’re not used to reading academic research, this blog post about how to read a research article might be helpful.
  3. Analyze & Blog – here’s how I suggest you structure you blog post:
    • Summary:
      • What was the goal of the research? What were the authors trying to accomplish? What were the research questions? (1-2 sentences)
      • Methods: How did the authors go about answering the questions? What did they do? What were the primary methods they used? (1-2 sentences)
      • Findings: What were the major findings of the article? (1-3 sentences)
    • Analysis:
      • Your comments on the value, appropriateness, and/or applicability of any of the parts above.
      • Any further or unanswered questions
      • Any questions that may stimulate discussion (remember your classmates will comment on your post)
    • Do remember to tag and categorize your post with “AA” and/or “Article Analysis” – and to begin the title with AA# (# being the number of the AA you’re writing, out of 4).

As I evaluate your article analyses, I will look for the 6 points above. Together, the 4 article analyses are worth 20 points, or 20% of your course grade. This is how the 20 points are distributed:

AA1 – 3 points

AA2 – 5 points

AA3 – 6 points

AA 4- 6 points

Please remember the dates you set for yourself – you can find them in this calendar.

Questions? Please post them in the comments below.