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You are again in charge of class next week, Sept. 22. The purpose is to create and deliver presentations about Internet culture.

I suggest taking the following steps:

  1. Brainstorm topics (make sure you understand what does and does not belong. Hints: lolcats, rickrolling, 4chan do belong). Include me in this part of your work.
  2. Select, assign, organize topics
  3. Prepare presentations
  4. Deliver presentations

You can use any social media tools you want. Please try to stay away from email and meeting face-to-face.

Please PARTICIPATE – monitor your messages on Twitter, engage with others. If you only remember to check about this the day before, class members may opt to leave you out.

These presentations should be informative and fun – but not offensive.

The entire experience is graded out of 4 points and includes both the collaboration process and the end result.

Please let me know as soon as possible if I can have 20 minutes of class time to show you Radian 6. If not, I will record a demo and post it online.

Last class was all about getting a grasp of social media use,  both in the U.S. and worldwide, both at the individual and enterprise levels. Here are the students’ presentations, note the references on the last slide in each deck, they may come in handy later when you write your papers.

Social Media Adoption: Worldwide, Individual Level

Social Media Adoption: Worldwide, Enterprise Level

Social Media Adoption: U.S., Individual Level

Why Social Media

Social Media & Education

User Behavior: Safety & Security

User Behavior: Online Dating

I think I’m missing one slide deck, I will update the post as soon as I find it. If you want to embed your presentation in your blog post, you can grab it from my slideshare account.

[Update]: All presentations added.