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We began class by clarifying the differences among: Wisdom of Crowds, Crowdsourcing, Open sourcing, and Collective Intelligence.

We then took sides and represented the pros and cons of crowdsourcing for workers and requestors. I would like to crowdsource this blog post, so please post in the comments the links to your small presentation, and the main argument that you think represents the point of view you worked on.

I feel a bit guilty. In last class, we (almost) gave crowdsourcing a bad rep. And while it does have potential for exploitation, there are many beautiful cases where it benefits the very people it exploits – and the benefits are greater than the exploitation, I believe.


  • Online reviews (by the way, when you have a second, read the reviews for these 2 products on amazon and note how smart, hilarious, and political people can be. Someone should write a paper about this! Reviews for banana slicer and BiC Pens for Her)
  • Waze – a crowdsourced traffic & navigation app, where people can inform each other about accidents, cops, gas prices, etc.
  • and even – one of my favorite sites ever, i can has cheezburger!

These all follow the same formula, and yes, they are owned by a money-making entity, but the service is better for everyone because of the crowdsourcing.

What other examples of mutually beneficial crowdsourcing do you have? Please interact with this post in some way so I know you read it.