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0wned = “Getting 0wned, 0wnd, or 0wnzd means getting your arse severely beaten, either mentally, physically, emotionally or other. A word often used by those who deem themselves to be of the l33t status.”

JP Morgan Chase thought they’d do the equivalent of a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) on Twitter. It didn’t go so well.

What does this teach you about online dialogue, marketing & pr, self-organization, and online crowds? What do you take away from this story?

PR Gaffe

Posted: September 3, 2008 in PR examples, PR gone wrong

Via Dr. David Novak, a link to a Chicago Tribune article about a PR gaffe that will crack you up!


Lesson(s) learned? Post in comments.

Apple Inc.’s PR

Posted: August 31, 2008 in PR examples
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Photo "The First Apple Computer" by flickr user *~Laura~* used with permission

I talked in class about me being in an abusive relationship with Apple, and it seems thoughts about Apple PR are in the air these days:

Apple is a very interesting PR case study, because it’s so unique. Their PR strategy wouldn’t work for any other company, but it’s interesting to think about what makes it work for Apple. Maybe the power of the brand and the quality of (most of) the products? What do you think?

Via Kevin Dugan’s The Bad Pitch Blog, an actual e-mail exchange between a PR person and a journalist (or should I write “journalist”). Kevin has edited out profanity, so it’s safe to share with students 🙂

I don’t meant to scare PR students, but this example is so out there I can’t help but share. Things to think about:

  • is it ethical to promise media coverage for free hotel stays?
  • is it ethical to expect media coverage for free hotel stays?
  • what should FLACK do in response to HACK’s flaming message?
  • what should you always remember about writing e-mail?

Please write your thoughts in the comments to this post, and yes, they will count for class 🙂