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Skills needed in PR

Posted: September 2, 2008 in Assignments, Uncategorized
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Please note that you have a different blogging assignment for Thursday Sept. 4. Instead of reading notes, write a post about skills needed in PR.

Before you write the post, do some research:

  • read the book chapter to learn where the jobs are in PR, what the working conditions are, etc.
  • read John Bell’s collection of blog posts about the 13 Skills of the PR Pro of the Future. (John Bell heads the Digital Influence team at Ogilvy PR, one of the largest PR & advertising firms worldwide).
  • Do some research online and try to read a few ads for jobs in PR (The PRSA Job Center is a good place to start, no password needed).

Then, write a blog post summarizing:

  • what the important skills are
  • of those important skills, pick a few you would like to develop in yourself; indicate a few that you’re already very good at (bragging is OK:)
  • make a plan of how you will go about developing your PR skills (does not have to be limited to this class)

Title your post whatever you want, but please put it in the Assignment category.