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This is one of those presentation tips that sound much easier than they are – especially when you need to relate ideas or show comparisons among elements. Not impossible, though :).

Instead of trying to pack more into a slide, try to take away – reduce (excise) until you can communicate what you want to without having additional clutter on the slide. Can you keep your slides very simple, very clear, free of bullets, and constrained to one idea per slide?

Here are some examples, first from Steve Jobs. The contents of the table below are from the book “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs.”

Note how little information is on each slide, and how each slide communicates only one idea:


You can see here a 60-second summary of his presentation, and take a look at the original slides (note that he goes with 4 main points, not 3, but you get the idea of keeping the number of main points small and manageable):

The slide below presents two groups of variables, but it sticks to one idea per slide (the correlation between Reading blogs and Learning.)

A good presentation (and paper, for that matter) is one that not only:

  • is well organized, but also:
  • makes that organization clear to the audience.

Because of human memory limitations, and maybe because of the “magic” qualities of the number 3 (look at mythology, religion, tales – most important things come in 3s), powerful presentations are organized around 3 main points.

Once you have decided what your 3 main points are, use the power of 3 to deliver your presentation:

Announce (preview) the three main points at the beginning of your presentation.

❄ ❄

At any time during your presentation, the audience should know where you are in the structure. Make sure your presentation communicates where you are, where you are coming from, and where you are going next (same principles applies to website navigation.)

❄ ❄ ❄

Review the three main points at the end of your presentation.

Kevin Dugan at UGA Connect, courtesy of hyku

Today we chatted on the phone with Kevin Dugan, director of marketing communications for FRCH Design Worldwide.

Kevin told the class about the importance of strategic planning and of setting goals and strategies before jumping into tactics. He said that no two days are the same in a PR job.

The 3 most important skills he would look for in an intern are:

1. Professionalism – exhibited in everything (behavior, communication, dress)

2. Good writing skills – he would look at a protfolio of class assignments, newspaper articles that the student has written, or a blog for evidence that the person can write well

3. Passion – showing enthusiams and eagerness to learn

Kevin’s personal blog is Strategic Public Relations, but he is famous for The Bad Pitch Blog – the PR hall of shame. You can also follow Kevin on twitter.

Photo of Kevin at the UGA Connect conference, courtesy of hyku.