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This semester, we have the opportunity to explore social media monitoring platforms Radian6 and Visible Technologies.

Please take some time to watch demos that explain what these platforms are and how they work.

Visible Technologies offers a very useful video introduction, followed by a tour of the platform’s key features. Please study them.

Radian6′ product introduction video explains what you can do with the platform. A more in-depth webinar walks you through the platform’s features.

Please familiarize yourself with these platforms and consider the option of using them to collect and analyze data for your final project. I will try to arrange for some sessions where you can ask questions about how they work, but this would require you have some baseline knowledge. I will let you know when test accounts are ready for you to experiment with.

If you’re broadly interested in social media analytics tools and companies, this post lists 10 more. There are very many out there, if you can find a complete list, please let me know.

5 second memory test

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Online tools
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Here is a tool (free, if I understand correctly) that enables you to collect data about the things people remember about your website after looking at it for 5 seconds.

Why do you think this type of memory test can be helpful?

Why perform the test after 5 seconds and not 7, or 8, or 10?

In the research protocol I created (WEA – Website Experience Analysis) I recommend measuring first impressions. I measure first impressions immediately after the first click off the home page. That is, as soon as the person clicks a link, I stop them and ask them to answer a couple of questions (see below). I figured that rather that imposing a standard (and random) amount of time, I better give the person enough time to figure the home page out. Different people will take different amounts of time, and different sites will require more or less time from the same person. I assume that once they’ve clicked that first link, they have formed a basic idea and orientation of the site.

The items I ask participants to answer are based on B.J. Fogg’s prominence-interpretation theory (pdf) and come in pairs. Here is the pair for first impression:

1. My first impression of this Web site is:
(very bad) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (very good)

2. Please describe your first impressions of the Web site. In your description, point out those Web site aspects upon which your first impressions are based.

How does the WEA assessment of first impressions compare with the 5-second memory test this tool enables? Are they assessing similar or different things? What do you think about the amount of time you allow site access before making the assessment?

Social Media tools

Posted: October 7, 2008 in Online tools
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Please see this list of social media tools by Chris Brogan.

Check them out, try to figure out what they are (some of them, most of them, OK if not all of them). It will be useful for class discussion on Thursday.

You may want to post a Response on your blog about some tools that you particularly liked/disliked or about all of them as a whole. What do they have in common?

Via Read/Write/Web, a post about 10 great (FREE) online tools for college students. Tools for note taking, calendaring and scheduling, managing bibliographies, etc. Very useful, take a look!