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The final tutorial for today allows you to witness the steps I go through as I create a new blog post. In this tutorial I talk you through each step as I actually do it, so you can see exactly what I click, how I insert links, and how easy it is to create blog posts!

Here are 3 very brief tutorials (about 2 minutes each) that teach you the basic terms of blogging.

The first tutorial teaches the terms Blog, Blog post, and Blog page.

The second tutorial teaches the terms Blog URL, Permalink, Comment, and Trackback

The third tutorial teaches about Tags, Tag clouds, Blogrolls and how to find blogs about public relations.

Here is another brief tutorial that provides an overview to the WordPress dashboard. If you have any questions about editing your blog, please ask them in the comments section for this post.

Here is a tutorial on how to use Google Reader to subscribe to blog RSS feeds. If you don’t know what RSS feeds are, that’s OK, they’re explained in the video (duration: about 3 minutes).

Please ask any questions in the comments to this post.