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When you comment on a WP post, if you’re logged in, WP identifies your comment by your username (in my case, prprofmv). Look at the comments on the Crazy things happen in PR post – some usernames link to the person’s blog (Sallie‘s and Steve‘s), others do not.

It’s important that your username be linked to your blog because that will attract more readers. Here’s how to make sure this happens:

  1. In the WP dashboard, click Users on the top right.
  2. Click the Your Profile tab
  3. Scroll down to Contact info and type your blog’s URL in the Website field (While you’re there, might as well upload a photo of yourself – it will be displayed instead of the square icon next to your comments).
  4. Click Update Profile. DONE!

If you need a visual, post a comment below and I’ll create a screencast.

NOTE: If you’re not logged in and you post a comment on a blog, fill in your name, email address and blog URL in the comment form. Your name will link to your blog. I always log out of WP when I comment on non-student blogs, because I want my real name to show, not prprofmv.